Sri Sruthilaya has emerged with a firm commitment To spread Art/music/dance in any form among the aspirants and The general public. We offer courses in Carnatic and Western music Conducted by trained and certified professionals. We conduct classes for Carnatic music, instruments, Vocal, and classical dance. We also teach western Music, Dance, Professional dance and Instruments apart from, Bhagavad Gita, drawing, yoga and Chess. We prepare our students to participate in the grade Exams conducted by reputed institutions and thus Provide them the opportunity to expand their horizon.

We exhibit our talents at the Anniversaries we conduct To motivate our students and teachers with excellent support from parents and public at large. Success to this extent was possible by the most dedicated Teachers, very encouraging parents and very hard working Students. We look forward to your continued support and valuable Suggestion.

Founder Sri Sruthilaya

  • Mrs.S.Gayathri,B.A(Indian Music)
  • Diploma in Indian Music ‘Ezhisaimani’
  • Manapakkam,
  • Chennai.